Aptitude Test

APTITUDE TEST: This test is scheduled for you. It will be scheduled after the applicant completes the basic requirements, pays for the application and completes the application document. This test is scheduled on a first come first serve basis based on the completion of the application process. This test will be scheduled 2 weeks to 1 month out depending on availability.  During this time the application should keep studying the topics of the test. The applicant will be notified 2-3 weeks before the scheduled test date via e-mail, hard copy letter and text message. Please confirm the test date via e-mail, phone or text with the information provided. 

APTITUDE TEST:  Applicant must achieve a score of “4” or higher on the electrical industry aptitude test battery. The test is rated on a scale of 1-9. There is no information on how the test is graded. This grading process is done through the national Electrical Training Alliance. Developed and Validated by the American Institutes for Research.

The aptitude test consists of two parts:

Part 1

Reading comprehension, which is 36 questions with 51 minutes to complete the exam. To study for this portion of the test, it is recommended that you read information and have the ability to recall what you have read either by answering questions or having someone quiz your memory.

Part 2

Algebra and Functions, which is 33 questions with 46 minutes to complete the exam.

To study for this portion on the test, it is recommended that you review Algebra 1 only, nothing higher. If you are concerned with your knowledge there are study materials on the internet or you may go to to attend a refresher course.

  • This is a link for some examples of the Aptitude Test from the Electrical Training Alliance (formerly known at the National JATC) On the left hand side there will be a menu for “Preparing for the Test”. You will find helpful information under all of the menu headings.
  • For a comprehensive review of Algebra, the NJATC offers a Tech Math class through the University of Tennessee, click here.  This online math class is self-paced and starts off with whole numbers and works through Boolean Algebra fundamentals.  This class offers three main benefits:
    1. Successful completion of the class satisfies the math requirement for the Inside Electrician and Limited Energy Technician apprenticeships
    2. It offers good preparation for the aptitude test
    3. The stronger your math foundation is, the less challenging the apprenticeship curriculum will be

It is suggested to review the topics covered by a College Algebra class: 

For some sample problems see below:

  • Systems of linear equations in two variables
    • graphing method
    • substitution method
    • addition method
    • applications
  • Working with algebraic expressions
    • add, subtract, multiply, and divide by a monomial
    • factoring polynomials
  • Solving quadratic equations
  • square root property (includes – simplify and approximate numeric square roots)
    • factoring property
    • quadratic formula
    • graphing (includes – interpret vertex, axis of symmetry and vertical/horizontal intercepts)
    • applications
  • Relations and function
  • function notation / evaluate

Applications and Modeling 

  • Linear functions
  • Quadratic functions
  • Exponential functions


  • Linear functions
  • Quadratic functions
  • Exponential functions

 Solve equations and inequalities 

  • Symbolically
  • Numerically
  • Graphically

Function concepts 

  • Domain
  • Range
  • Inverses
  • Compositions
  • Transformations

Test Anxiety

Online Resources for Algebra Review– videos and practice algebra problems – samples with solutions – interactive math lab – practice tests and answers

 Online Resources for Reading Comprehension Practice