Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  1. What are my benefits? Do I have insurance, 401K, etc?
    • Please refer to the IBEW Local 354 for any benefit, Collective Bargaining Agreement @ or you may call the office at (801) 972-9354.
  2. What is the cost of tuition? Are there any fees?
    •  TUITION / FEES:
      • Tuition: The tuition for the Inside Wireman and Telecommunication programs is $320.00 – 350.00 per semester. There are two semesters a year which equals $640.00 – 700.00 a year in tuition. The tuition is paid through our affiliate Ogden Weber Technical College. You will never attend their facility, but with this affiliation there are benefits to the apprenticeship programs. If you have not attended Ogden Weber Technical College in the past 6 months, or ever, there will also be a onetime fee of $45.00. This is a registration fee and will come due first week of attendance.
      • Books / Online Modules: Our apprenticeship is classified as “Blended Learning” which means physical text books and online modules. The text books and online modules are purchased through the U.E.T.A. office and must be purchased 1-2 weeks before the first day of class to accomplish the homework due upon attendance. The Inside Wireman apprentices will purchase the text books and online modules at a rate of $300.00 – $650.00 per semester. There are two semesters per year. The Inside Wireman program is a 5 year program. The Telecommunication apprentices will rent the text books at a rate of $50.00 per semester.  The purchase of the online modules varies from $180.00 – 350.00 per semester. There are two semesters per year. The Telecommunication program is a 3 year program.
  3. What is the time frame to become a Journeyman in the State of Utah?
    •  The Inside Wireman program is a 5 year program. For further research on the requirements, rules and regulations of Journeyman Licensing in the State of Utah we would refer you to the Department of Public Licensing at  As for our program and becoming an IBEW Local 354 Journeyman through the apprenticeship completion of all 5 years is required.
  4. Are tools to be purchased by the apprentices who are accepted into the program or are they provided?
  5.  Does previous experience accelerate the apprenticeship program? What experience qualifies?
    • If there are hours worked on an apprenticeship license