Inside Wireman Job Description

ELECTRICIAN (Inside Wireman)

 Job Summary

Plans, lays out, modifies, repairs, tests, and installs electric wiring, equipment, and apparatus for power, light, communications, and control systems in residential and commercial buildings and industrial plants; uses electrician’s hand tools, various electrical testing devices, and soldering and welding equipment.

Work Performed

*Plans new or modified installations and repairs to existing systems in dwellings or commercial buildings. Studies blueprints, manufacturer’s directions, and contractor’s specifications to determine what is to be done, adequacy of existing wiring or planned installations, and materials, equipment and time needed to complete job; prepares drawings of electrical installations to facilitate work; consults architect or general contractor pertaining to questionable items, delays, or unusual problems.

*Installs new and repairs existing electrical material and equipment in dwellings or commercial buildings: Measures, cuts, bends and shapes, threads, assembles and installs exposed, concealed and recessed electrical raceways, feeder and branch systems using such tools as hacksaw, pipe threaders, hickey, hand or power-drilling tools, pliers, and various bending devices. Levels panel boards and secures to floor with anchor bolts. Plumbs and braces switchboards. Installs conductor gutters and bolts them to wall or ceiling. Pulls and cuts wires. Pushes fishtape back to feed the conductor through the raceway. Uses mechanical power device to obtain required force for pulling large conductors. Splices wires by stripping terminal ends of insulation, twisting, soldering, or using connection devices. Identifies wires using standard equipment; tags ends or identified by color. Removes defective wiring and parts. Connects wiring to lighting fixtures, power equipment, convenience outlets, switches, and circuit breakers. Completes installations using hand tools such as pliers, wrenches, hammers, and screwdrivers. May operate hydraulic lifts to move and place heavy equipment and materials. May install reactors, capacitors, rectifiers and the wiring for electrically operated equipment such as hoists, elevators, and motors.

*Test circuits: Tests continuity of circuits to insure electrical reliability and safety of all components using standard electrical test and measuring instruments.


*These job duties were designated as critical job duties because they must be performed competently if the job is to be performed in a satisfactory manner.