Inside Wireman

The Utah Electrical Training Alliance (formerly known as the Utah Electrical JATC) inside wireman apprenticeship program is part of a nationally recognized program developed by the Electrical Training Alliance, formerly known as the National Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee. For more information regarding the Electrical Training Alliance, go to the following link,

Our apprenticeship program is registered with the Department of Labor Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training. Graduates of our program receive recognition from the Department of Labor as well as the Electrical Training Alliance. They are recognized across the United States as highly skilled and qualified craftsman.

The inside wireman apprenticeship program consists of 8,000 hours of on the job training and five years of related classroom instruction. In the State of Utah a licensed Apprentice may sit for the Journeyman’s exam after the 4th year of school and 8,000. The fifth year of our Apprenticeship is specialized training and more depth on topics related to advancement in the Journeyman status.

The apprentice starts the program at 50% of the current journeyman rate of pay, which is based on the current agreement between NECA and the IBEW Local Union # 354. The following table shows the periods of apprenticeship.

Period % of Journeyman Elapsed Time OJT Hours and School
1 50% N/A 1000 hours
2 54% N/A 1000 hours & completion of lst year of school
3 58% 6 Months 500 hours
4 62% 6 Months 750 hours & completion of 2nd year of school
5 66% 6 Months 750 hours
6 70% 6 Months 750 hours & completion of 3rd year of school
7 74% 6 Months 750 hours
8 78% 6 Months 750 hours & completion of 4th year of school
9 82% 6 Months 750 hours
10 85% 6 Months 750 hours & completion of 5th year of school

In addition to wages the apprentice is covered by an extensive fringe benefit package that includes health coverage for the apprentice and all of their dependants, an annuity plan, three different retirement plans, and life insurance.

Upon completion of the related schooling and 8,000 hours of on the job training the apprentice will be advanced to status of Journeyman Wireman with all the pay and fringe benefits currently in effect.


Tuition: The tuition for the Inside Wireman program is $320.00 – 350.00 per semester. There are two semesters a year which equals $640.00 – 700.00 a year in tuition. The tuition is paid through our affiliate Ogden Weber Technical College. You will never attend their facility, but with this affiliation there are benefits to the apprenticeship programs. If you have not attended Ogden Weber Technical College in the past 6 months, or ever, there will also be a onetime fee of $45.00. This is a registration fee and will come due first week of attendance.

Books / Online Modules: Our apprenticeship is classified as “Blended Learning” which means physical text books and online modules. The text books and online modules are purchased through the U.E.T.A. office and must be purchased 1-2 weeks before the first day of class to accomplish the homework due upon attendance. The Inside Wireman apprentices will purchase the text books and online modules at a rate of $300.00 – $750.00 per semester. There are two semesters per year. The Inside Wireman program is a 5 year program.

Training Standards / Rules and Regulations: These documents are available at the U.E.T.A. office for viewing. As an apprentice you will receive your own set and must sign an Acknowledgement that the apprentice has read and understands the expectations of the program. Applicants also sign that they have read and understand these documents before applying.